[Break-time] Week Four

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Working hard can be sooooooo tiresome…

The last week of my break is finally pushing its way in, and tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Just kind of a shame that my break wasn’t, you know, fully a break, since I’m still working my day job on the side. But os’well, can’t really complain about it. Not to your ears, anyways. So, what’s this week about?

Let’s just say we’re going to be brief about it!

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A lot of this week was spent in planning: planning on what my next novel after “Gravekeeper” is going to be about, planning my streaming opportunities for Kingdom Hearts before the release of III… and many, many other things that the coming year will offer me. It truly excites me!

This week also offered me a lot of fun times and promise. I’ve gotten some pretty decent development in the next novel I’m planning. It’s going to be called “Sincerely, Fury.” And I’m not going to spoil much of anything on the novel. Mainly because I don’t have a ton to share just yet. Maybe next time~

In this week’s news, I’ve also spent a lot of time with another cousin that came to visit, and he taught me a lot of information about tarot cards and I’m excited to try and learn the methods behind them! There’s so many new things coming to focus for the new year. And I know it’s going to go great.

Thanks for sticking around for my break-time rants! The one for next week will be an overall reflection of the year, and it’ll be coming out strong!



1536355850_Angel Beats Reading

This week is going to a bit of a promo, as I was featured today in a fun little magazine project, which can be downloaded completely for free right here! The piece I wrote for it is called “Unspoken!”


From the corners of a room, she lies in wait. Life behind four walls brings naught
but focus, resolve, contemplation, consideration… and endless words. In silence,
she lets them slip through her fingers, all the while letting them seep out onto a
blank page, ink splattering onto thin paper.

Keep working… keep working…

Success always came with sacrifice, and with sacrifice came vigilance and
persistence. There was always an end goal, but never a true ending.

The papers were scattered as though a gust of wind was tossed through the
room, battered pens and splashes of color lining the floor. How many had she
torn through in this one day?

There wasn’t much time left before her solitude was going to be ripped away—
she would have to make the most of it. There were so many words that she
crafted, but never spoke, so many issues that were left unsaid. Silence. She
needed silence. That was the only way that the focus could stay intact.

One more day left, and then it was over. Her project could finally be complete as
long as she put in the effort.

There was no love lost between others that came dashing in. There was no time
to go out for a break, even for a few minutes, to be ripped apart from the path
that she trod.

She slammed her hands against the floor, watching some of the papers fly up
into her line of sight. No. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. There was so
much to look forward to—creating something magical shouldn’t have hurt so
much because of a press for time.

Why create? Why work hard?

The lust for success, the drive to create, the desire to inspire… they all held firm
for her. All that she needed to do from here was take a deep breath… and remain
calm. Silent.

The time would come again, always. And then, she would be able to follow her dreams.

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