[Break-time] Week Four

The last week of my break is finally pushing its way in, and tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Just kind of a shame that my break wasn't, you know, fully a break, since I'm still working my day job on the side. But os'well, can't really complain about it. Not to your ears, anyways. So, what's [...]

[Break-time] Week Two

This week was very fruitful for the gamer in me. Because it was the week that the Game Awards were underway, the week that Super Smash Bros Ultimate was released, and we also got new footage for the Kingdom Hearts 3 opening today! It. Is. Hype. First, I'm gonna talk about the Game Awards. Every [...]

[Break-time] Week One

  You know, sometimes a break is supposed to be fulfilling and freeing. But I'm not the best at taking them. I think that unwinding can come in many forms. Creating something amazing, to me, that's a way to unwind. ~Shakyra Dunn I admit. I'm very proud of everything that I've accomplished for myself this [...]