[The Place We Call Home]

Wow. I'm finally dusting this old place out. It's almost exciting. Happy 2020~ This year is starting off... pretty wild. But I thought that I could take things back to my roots of creativity. Did you guys know I'm a massive fan of the video game series Kingdom Hearts? I mean, of course you did, [...]

[Game Grinding] Silver:Line -Demo- Review

Oh wow, my first time reviewing an Indie game has come! I think I can say I've leveled up again in this silly writing game of mine, don't you think? For this round, I'm going to be reviewing Silver:Line by CodeV Productions. I had the honor of getting a shot at the demo, and I'll [...]

[Ad-Vices] Love in a Fantasy

Here's part two of my Valentine's Day special saga! Romance is a sub-genre that was always a bit tricky to me in my fantasy novels. I almost never decided to have "ships" in my books, because I felt as though characters should be embraced for more than just a pairing that occurs. I had been [...]

Santa’s Helpers [“The Final Lesson” Christmas Short]

Hey there everyone, happy Christmas! I decided that I would take the time to write a little short just for the holidays! It is an alternate-universe short story for my novel "The Final Lesson," and technically it would fall somewhere right in between both books. But as book two starts six months after book one, [...]

[Break-time] Week Three

I've had a few firsts this week, going right into start of it. I got to attend my first public book release (not for myself), and one of my older cousins is currently visiting. It's the first time I've seen him in six years, and boy, does it show. I'm apparently taller. A lot of [...]