[Witch-Like Wonders] Pages 7-10

It's been a while, but I finally have some more pages of "Witch-Like Wonders" up and running! ...Though, there are good and bad news to come with it. The good news, as soon as chapter one of the saga is done and polished up, I'll be posting them up on Webtoons! Bad news, it means [...]

[Witch-Like Wonders] Pages 5-6

We're back, back again, with a couple of pages to Witch-Like Wonders! These two would be wrapping up the intro pages, and with those done, I can officially get started on the first full chapter, which will be full of drabbles and fun spells, magic, mystics, and even some Edna-like charm! ....Yes, Edna. The cute [...]

[Witch-Like Wonders] Introduction

Here's the first official pages of my new manga, "Witch-Like Wonders," just in time for Halloween! I've been working on all the writing, and this is the artist (whom I want to credit properly, but I understand that they're busy.) Alternative: In Writing Or, for those of you that like it in writing rather than [...]