[Book Tag] Valentine’s Day!

I decided that today will be an event where I post two different blogs! One for pleasure, one for statement. First up is going to be the pleasure, where I play a little game courtesy of Taiwo @ Stuffed Shelves, who created this tag, and @Jenniely, who passed it along! THE RULES 1. Link back to this post and [...]

[Reflection] 2018

Can you believe that this year is going to be over in just a couple of days? It definitely doesn't feel like it to me. It kind of flew past. Still, the end of another year means it's time for me to present a reflection of everything that's gone on in this time span, something [...]

Santa’s Helpers [“The Final Lesson” Christmas Short]

Hey there everyone, happy Christmas! I decided that I would take the time to write a little short just for the holidays! It is an alternate-universe short story for my novel "The Final Lesson," and technically it would fall somewhere right in between both books. But as book two starts six months after book one, [...]

[Break-time] Week Three

I've had a few firsts this week, going right into start of it. I got to attend my first public book release (not for myself), and one of my older cousins is currently visiting. It's the first time I've seen him in six years, and boy, does it show. I'm apparently taller. A lot of [...]

[Break-time] Week One

  You know, sometimes a break is supposed to be fulfilling and freeing. But I'm not the best at taking them. I think that unwinding can come in many forms. Creating something amazing, to me, that's a way to unwind. ~Shakyra Dunn I admit. I'm very proud of everything that I've accomplished for myself this [...]