[VA Life] Now Voice This 4!

This year was... massively successful for me, in a lot of ways. Ways that I could never even begin to describe. Let me tell you a little story. I wasn't always into using my voice. In fact, for the longest time, writing, voice acting... they were terrifying for me. I didn't know how to accept [...]

[Witch-Like Wonders] Pages 7-10

It's been a while, but I finally have some more pages of "Witch-Like Wonders" up and running! ...Though, there are good and bad news to come with it. The good news, as soon as chapter one of the saga is done and polished up, I'll be posting them up on Webtoons! Bad news, it means [...]

[Ad-Vices] Love in a Fantasy

Here's part two of my Valentine's Day special saga! Romance is a sub-genre that was always a bit tricky to me in my fantasy novels. I almost never decided to have "ships" in my books, because I felt as though characters should be embraced for more than just a pairing that occurs. I had been [...]