[Witch-Like Wonders] Pages 7-10

I’m always so excited to share these!

It’s been a while, but I finally have some more pages of “Witch-Like Wonders” up and running!

…Though, there are good and bad news to come with it. The good news, as soon as chapter one of the saga is done and polished up, I’ll be posting them up on Webtoons! Bad news, it means that I’ll likely stop uploading them on my blog and shift them over there fully.

For now, here’s some more!

Alternative: In Writing

(Three Days Later)

Genevieve’s secret base for witchcraft was… underwhelming, taking place only in her closet, filled with several dresses that she wasn’t ready to don, and a cauldron connected to a Bunsen burner no bigger than her laptop. Sadly, that was where the magic had to take place until her training was complete.

She took a seat in front of her mystic cauldron, several ingredients lined up for her mother’s famous Katamarin Brew—it was a delicacy during Halloween. A vial of strawberry and vanilla filling for flavor, a pint of white wine for punch, crushed rosewater petals for texture, and boiling water to mix. It took her a few minutes to allow it to settle before she humbly took a drink, but nearly gagged when she realized that she forgot to add sugar into the concoction.

Her phone began to ring in the other room, and she scrambled out of the closet, nearly taking the cauldron with her when her toe snagged against the cable, but she managed to free herself before she took a nasty tumble. She bounced on the bed once, catching her phone when it flew up a few centimeters.

“Mother!” she beamed. “It’s been so long since I’ve talked to you, how are you? How’s Raven?”

“Are you keeping up with your studies?” her mother, Adelaide, asked sternly.

Genevieve didn’t allow her excitement to falter. “All the time! I actually just finished making some of your Katamarin Brew-”

“And what about your other work? You can’t focus on potion brewing forever. Have you learned to use your broomstick yet?”

Now Genevieve was growing hesitant to answer. “U-Um, no, I’ve been… I’ve been busy trying to gather a following on my new blog-”

“You are sixteen now, and if you do not complete your training before you turn eighteen, you’re going to have your powers revoked by the magical order, and if that happens, we’re going to have to exile you from the family lineage-” (Blah-blah-blah) Genevieve slumped over the side of the bed, withholding her whines and protests. She had heard this speech hundreds of times before, and each one stung more than the last. “Is that what you want, Genevieve?”

“No, mother,” she responded as proudly as she could muster up.

“Then I suggest you find some order by the time that I call you next.”

And with that, the phone line went dead, and Genevieve chucked the device at the wall only for it to come flying back at her at great neck speed, knocking her against the nose and onto the floor. Genevieve laid a hand over her bloody nose, whimpering to herself as she crawled back towards the closet and shut the door behind her, leaving the phone behind.

“Stupid magic lock.”

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