[A Week of] Prepping for Break

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Just gotta get through the next week, and I can shut my ears off to the world.

This week, much like any others, feels long when you work a full-time job, but just a bit of a mini-update for today’s blog again.

Next week, starting on the 28th, I’ll be finally taking a real vacation. Which means no writing work, no nothing except for sitting on my buns and playing Kingdom Hearts 3, something that I’ve looked forward to since 2006. It’s amazing that it’s finally here.

That said, this week has started to become fruitful for my creative outlets as well. I’ve gotten a few pages of Witch-Like Wonders up and running, and I’m preparing to put them up on Webtoons once I do one more mini-chapter of it! And, I’ve written the first few pages of “Sincerely, Fury,” which seems to be shaping up to be an emotional tale thus far. It’s going to be brilliant, and I hope my ideas match my writing.

I’m also going to be fruitful in the media department as well–tonight, my friends and I are going to the movies to see the new Dragonball Super: Broly movie! Which I will humbly review and share with you all!

Minor details, minor statements, and it’s a tale of what’s to come! I hope that you’ll enjoy it as it rises to the surface!


Today’s entry comes from the early pages of “Sincerely, Fury,” which is continuing to form. So, hopefully it makes sense.

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[All that he had ever come to know was shattering.]

Inhale. Exhale.

Meditation was repetition. Meditation became routine. It was a solace that Kajin Sorne could never replace, because it was the only strategy keeping the budding Fury within him at bay. Since his rebirth, he had been sealed inside of a shrine, hidden beyond the passages of an archipelago lost to time, sitting, waiting, maintaining.

Spirits were cursed beings. There was much about his tiny life that basked in the unknown, but it held no mind over matter with the knowledge that there was a greater purpose still residing within him.

Mind and matter were fickle. Existence held little resolve other than simply living to die. Those were pieces of life that Kajin clung to at the time. Being constricted and unable left him hopeless. But now, something had changed.

He opened his eyes.

That was the first error in judgment. Something was wrong. He wasn’t supposed to wake from his sealed slumber. Not today, not ever. He stared down at his empty palms, much larger than the last time he’d gazed upon them. He noticed shards of broken glass, the remains of the seal binding him to the shrine where he had made his home. The shards were singed—burned away by mystical words. There was only one conclusion that he could muster up; someone with burning magical prowess had set him free.

All at once, time caught up, and recollection left him winded and weak.

Never question your existence. The all too familiar voice resonated with him, comparable to water trickling down his back. Your own will shall carry you to heights beyond your grasp.

Kajin lowered his hands from his head, a small sigh brushing past his lips. Already, the Fury within him was awake and bubbling within the corners of his heart, shrinking him down. Minutes had gone by. He was lost, confused, and there was something missing. Someone missing.

The shrine was deathly silent. Curtains had been ripped apart. Urns were overturned, the floors and walls ash-ridden and defiled with a stench of the unknown caliber. His home was destroyed, and his only companion was nowhere to be found.

“Menora,” he spoke, his voice hoarse, his nerves callous and fractured.

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