[A Week of] Writing A New Beginning

“Starting a new journey may not be so hard. Or maybe it’s already begun.”

Starting a new story has always been a massive struggle for me.

With my last novel series, “The Final Lesson,” I already knew how I wanted that story to begin. It was only fitting to start with the main plot theme of the story, Leilana preparing to venture off and start her journey to become a Warlord.

With “Sincerely, Fury,” Kajin doesn’t seem to want a proper start, because he dabbles between the idea of sharing his backstory first and starting anew with his current self. In the end, I grabbed the reins, and he’s starting out where he is now, and his backstory will come in pieces. It would be more fitting in the long run.

How Old Becomes New


The funny thing about starting a new novel, sometimes you never know what path your characters will drag you down. It’s a long, tumultuous, draining experience. But it’s well worth it, because you grow a little more alongside them. And there’s so much depth and compelling work to be had in starting anew.

But you also can’t be afraid to look back. “The Final Lesson” taught me a lot of new things about how to weave a story, how characters are meant to intertwine their fates without becoming consumed by them, and for that series, I will forever cherish the beginning to end. It is my favorite thing I’ve written. And I’d never ignore it.

I hope that “Sincerely, Fury,” for whatever path it is meant to take, will be a story that lives up to my expectations. I’m excited to see where Kajin’s story will lead me.


This week, instead of sharing an excerpt, I’d like to share one more piece of “The Final Lesson” that came to me recently.

I had an image designed by the lovely Vicky Who Reads, and it turned out truly brilliant. This line in particular was always one of my favorite in the series, and to see it come to life made me grin.

transpo w background

I never mind a bit of self-promo in my blog. Please pick up “The Final Lesson” series! It’s a fun read full of magic, mystics, mayhem, a touch of romance, and a lot of crazy!

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