[A Week Of] Embracing the New Year

tenor (4)
It’s hard to believe it’s been a week already since 2019 started!

The first week kind of just trickled in, but hello! I’m here, in 2019, and I’m working my buns to the burning brisket!

So far in the first week, I’ve managed to send my novel “Gravekeeper” off to the editor, received it, and now it’s prepping to go out into the world, but I’m not going to tell you when! It’s meant to be a surprise! …Kind of like writing the story was meant to be.

In addition to that, I’ve joined a team of light novel creators, and I’ll be doing the writing for their upcoming project, which would be a real first for me! I’m excited to expand the world even more, and I can’t wait to share more details on it!

Finally, I’m currently doing some short stories for my next planned novel, which so far has the base title of “Sincerely, Fury,” but it may be subject to change if something nicer comes along, and I think that it has. I’m planning on submitting one of my short stories to another group.

I think that this year, very early on, will be nice to work with. On top of which, I’m finally in countdown mode to Kingdom Hearts 3, which is going to be amazing! If anything, that game is going to consume much of my time. Once it’s in my hands, I’m not going to stop playing it until it’s done, and I’m hoping that I’ll get the chance to complete it in the week that I have away from work.

This first week has brought promise already that I’m hoping will last throughout the rest of the year. I’ll make it all work.



For today’s excerpt, I decided to give a small tease on my next novel! I didn’t write much relating to it, but I figured that it would be fine to show off!


Nights had become winded and strenuous for Kajin Sorne. Endless travel, blistery days, bickering folks that only wanted him to move aside. And at the end of it all, he didn’t even want to retreat to the pages of his journal, too exhausted to script the events that would bring him closer to regaining the self that he had never gotten to meet. His spirit half had become too prevalent—in time, it would become the only half, and that would betray the memory of the one person who saw him as human.

How he missed Menora. Her soft smile as she watched him eat the first meal that he’d been offered, her scolding as he set a pillar ablaze merely out of anguish… the sincerity and care in her eyes when she first brought a new face into the shrine, only for it all to be ripped away the moment that the man she fell in love with took the chance to snuff her out.

He sat in the middle of the floor and took the time to meditate. It had become routine, ritual, to think about the past, but he was walking in the present. Taking his mind away from darker days was the only coping mechanic, lest his spirit shattered and split fully from his body.

Someday, you will see, The Fury spoke beneath the hymns of his beating heart. That what you are doing is futile, and you will come to accept your fate.

“Corruption is not the end,” Kajin always assured him, never once breaking his focus. His temper was hot, his sanity boiling, but his concentration never wavered once it was properly set. Life had dealt him the coldest hand, and he could only run away with it and wait to see where it led him.

That was what Menora wanted for him.

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