[A Week of] Completing a Novel


The last week of my life has been incredibly exhausting, but it has also been wonderfully fruitful for my creative state.

In this week, I got to finish NaNoWriMo, but in a whirlwind twist, I won by completing my current novel project, “Gravekeeper!” It was two years in the making, and it’s going to need a lot of edits in order to truly perfect it before my personal deadline is reached, but I’m really excited for this project to reach its end, for it makes now three books that I’ve managed to complete this year!

It’s record for me. I still question sometimes how I accomplished it, but I will offer a bit of advice on how to balance.

Life’s Fumbles

Admittedly, one of my biggest issues in trying to accomplish my work at literally any given time is that I’m always feeling distracted by something, whether it’s working constantly or just feeling like I don’t have the right momentum and space at home.

Sometimes the best thing to do when I’m suffering from these issues is just to sit back and unwind. I try to keep myself from feeling too guilty when I’m not writing and put my focus into other aspects of my life, such as voice acting or playing video games.

Voice Work


That actually reminds me! In addition to doing a lot of writing, I’ve also recently returned to the field of voice acting, and just today, I uploaded a new version of an old cover, and so far, I’m really satisfied with my improvement. I’m excited to be back in this world, and I’m looking forward to sharing my fandubs as well as original projects!

Come check out my latest fandub right here!

If anyone has any tips or tricks to share with this halfway amateur, please, feel free to share them. The industry has changed a lot since I was doing fandubs as a younger teenager, and I’m more than happy to hear them!

Excerpt 101


Time for another excerpt! This time it’s going to be one from “Gravekeeper,” and it actually has a reference to anime! Funny too, given that I love it, and yet… Elijah doesn’t.


“So, what are we after today?”

“Ambulators, of course. What kind of silly question is that?”

The snow was falling, the trees absent of leaves, and Aliseum was blanketed in Christmas lights. Elijah continuously spent time away from home, committed to full-time training. From the start of the middle of the month before the holiday season, he would meet with Reena, violin on his back, prepared to watch her properly work under her watchful eye. Neither of them wanted to let the news out to Alwain, not until they were ready. It would only put them in more danger.

“What kind of weapon do you feel suits your style?” Reena asked as they continued their walk to Limoon Cemetery, slipping past the humble shed where Reena and Alwain made their home.

“I’ve never really picked up a weapon before,” he admitted, nervously grinning. “My uncle Lucien taught me how to use a shotgun when I was younger, but I wasn’t a good shot. And some of my cousins are into anime, so they have some weird affinity for oversized swords, but that’s way too common in a lot of stories and junk.”

Reena giggled upon noticing his almost distasteful look at the mention of anime. “Anime, huh? Not a fan of Japanese cartoons?”

“Wouldn’t say that. My mom thought it was too violent. My dad thought that it was strange after watching certain kinds. I guess it’s just not something I could drag myself into after seeing their reactions to it. I would rather have immersed myself in sheet music. Anyway, what’s the plan for tonight? Am I going to be watching again?”

“Nope.” Reena manifested one of her pistols, tossing it off to him. Elijah took a step forward to catch it with both hands, his eyes growing as wide as dinner plates at the realization of what she was requesting. “Time to put your big boy pants on and get in on the action.”

“You’re serious.”

“You’re shot dead when I am,” she said simply. “I’ll keep the conjuring going for as long as I can, so hopefully you’re a fast learner and that lesson from your uncle came in handy.”

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s session! Keep pushing towards your dreams and creating something magical, my friends!


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