[Witch-Like Wonders] Pages 5-6


We’re back, back again, with a couple of pages to Witch-Like Wonders! These two would be wrapping up the intro pages, and with those done, I can officially get started on the first full chapter, which will be full of drabbles and fun spells, magic, mystics, and even some Edna-like charm!

….Yes, Edna. The cute little girl you see in the above gif. I love her most in Tales of Zestiria, okay? She’s snarky and it flows.

Anyways, the pages! Here you have it on this fun Sun-day!

Alternative: In Writing

For those who value prose, like me.

“So, how do I make my blog popular?” Genevieve typed out to Lich^Tear.

“That depends,” Lich^Tear responded after a few minutes of silence. “What are you aiming for? What’s the purpose of your blog?”

“I just want followers.”

“You could always flash.” Genevieve’s face went crimson at the proclamation and she covered her chest. Though after a few seconds, she found it silly, because she knew this person couldn’t even see her from beyond the computer screen. She immediately typed in an angry emoji as a response. “Calm down, I’m kidding. If you want to have a blog that has followers, you need to have a theme. Something that appeals to whatever audience you’re seeking out.”

Genevieve considered this, nodding to herself before typing out a response. “Do you like dark things?”

“I don’t know how to answer this.”

“Like… the occult? Magic spells? Or, witches…?” She couldn’t afford to give away too much information right off the bat. She didn’t know what this person could be capable of with it.

“Sure, that’s a fun field. Might be controversial, but I think someone like you could handle it. You seem nice. It would be a contrast.”

Genevieve was blushing more at this point. “It sounds like a plan! Thank you so much! <3“

“Shoot me a message if you want any more advice. I’m usually around.”

Her first online friend. Her first follower. Things were definitely looking up.

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