[A Week of] Achievement Hunting


I decided that this is going to be my new segment for my blogs, usually when I’m speaking on less advice-like moves, more groundbreaking and fun aspects!

So, what’s today’s?

What to Expect When You’re… Hunting


Much like a video game where you’re hunting down your trophies and achievements, there is success for you to search for in life as well. There’s always something to look forward to when you’re hunting for that perfect slice of your life.

But like anything, there is about a 90% chance of there being a catch in order to achieve it.

Take that you’re into artistic design; you love to draw and create eye-catching scenery and characters. But you consider that there are hundreds upon thousands of artists out there, and you still fight for that will to shine. How do you stand out? Simple: you push on to succeed, or you push on towards something else.

Everyone has doubts. It is just something that comes with every field of work, and it is always put into question how dedicated and willing that you are to become the best you.

When You’re Falling


I remember being told once before starting my writing career that I have my head in the clouds and I need to face reality, to grow up and stop looking at animated characters. How do you react to something like that without completely crumbling because your dreams are being dashed right before your eyes?

Well… to be honest, I took that as a strange sort of compliment. Why? Because I’m a writer. I’ve wanted to be ever since I was fourteen years old, and even long before that, I had some knack for it, and I loved it. I think if my head WASN’T in the clouds at times, then I wouldn’t have that ambition to begin with. I literally can’t think of a time where I didn’t like using my imagination, a time where I didn’t want to be able to do some sort of writing.

I take inspiration from everywhere. From my experiences in life, from my imagination, I even take some inspiration from playing video games, reading other stories, just thinking “Wow, I wanna create something magical someday. I wonder what kind of characters I can create. I wonder if someday I can inspire someone as much as these creators can inspire me.”

So if giving up my ultimate dream to become a writer, famous or not, is considered “facing reality,” I’d rather have my head lingering through the stars and cumuli for all eternity then.

If ever you find yourself struggling… always look to the sky. It won’t fall.

Last but not least, I decided to do one more little aspect of my blogs from here on! An excerpt share from something I’m working on or have worked on in the past, and I’ll share it each week!

Here’s something from an anthology I’m planning to submit to, located here: Unlocking the Magic



Losing herself in another world was always a pleasure and being greeted by ink-stained pages and woven papers left her wistful, wondrous… complete. The fantastical beasts and uncharted wardrobes provided a valiant escape from the world of desolation and misunderstanding—where life took too many turns for her to swerve through without crashing hard.

Erica could already feel her muscles tensing at the very thought of someone stepping past her little corner and asking her what she was reading today. There were so many words that she could offer up as a detailed explanation for her current project, but one tiny mistake in her phrasing would turn away even the most diligent of listeners. She knew the disappointments of abandonment all too well. It swept in like a storm, and it carried her six feet deep until she reached for her lifeline and choked on the salty seawater pulling her down.

Today, it could start again, and it always left her shaky.
Her thoughts were whisked away into the mind of her current author-friend, Victoria Culijo, someone that she never put together beyond a name and a snagged signed copy of one of her older works from ten years past. Horrors, wonders, and whimsy, all beyond her wildest dreams and snuggled between a hardcover. She couldn’t count the number of times she had picked up ‘Fragility,’ a standalone in Culijo’s fantasy series ‘Legions of the North,’ and every time she committed to re-reading it, it was as though she was smitten by the world’s intrigue for the first time.

The time to sit back and read, all while avoiding the world, was slipping away. In three years, she would become a schoolteacher, or so she wanted to dream. She always admired how her own teachers could muster up the courage each day to stand in front of a group and share their wisdoms, their stories, and to smile and offer the help to those that needed it. She wanted to be like them more than anything, but the thought of being ridiculed for a slip of the tongue tore her asunder.

Why couldn’t she be as brave and daring as the leading lady in Fragility, Lucy Hemitor?
Right. Life was differently perceived than those presented in bestsellers, and basking in a fantasy world was its own drawback.

She closed the hardcover shut and set it down at her side, a small sigh brushing past her lips. As much as she desired to continue on, her next class would be starting in twenty minutes, and the trek through campus was going to wear her out enough that she would need every minute to arrive. Her fingertips brushed along the worn novel, a silent prayer for more time to hide from the world taking form in the words she had yet to discover. A light shone from beyond Fragility’s pages, and Erica couldn’t bring herself to ignore the sensation, her eyes widening as the essence glimmered brighter until it carried her away from her desolate world.

A sprinkle of magic. One tiny wish. A little ounce of hope. That was all that it took.

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