Heartbreak and Headaches


Sometimes as an author, you have your breakdowns. As an Indie, I’m no exception to the rule. But I think being an Indie makes you far more susceptible to heartbreaks and headaches in the world.

So, what do I mean by “heartbreaks and headaches?” Well, I’ll start with this.

Every creative person in the world has their moments of doubt, and it slips through many different forms. Some people have moments where they’re merely stuck and create their ideal world slowly, some take multiple breaks in order to reclaim their niche, and others end up not creating at all. None of these are really good for those that love their creative focus, but it’s sadly something that we’re left to endure something.

A creative burn-out.


Dealing With a Burn-Out

Personally, for me, I don’t take well to burn-outs due to my heavy anxiety. I always find myself wondering what I’m doing wrong, why my books aren’t selling, and instead of writing, some days I find myself shifting to marketing the books that I already have instead of the ones that haven’t been written yet.

That’s not a good move either. It leaves you rather destitute. So, how do I adjust?

Let me tell you something that I did today. Earlier, I attended an acting practice session for a convention that I’m attending in early October, ICON. And after that, I treated myself to some shopping at the mall, popping in at a local Barnes and Noble, where I decided to let loose and have a bit of fun.

I read some books, and even picked up a couple of them. Reading can be just as fulfilling as writing, and enjoying yourself is one good way to deal with burn-out. When you’re away from your troubles, life is a little more exciting and open.

Exploring a new book is as fun as exploring your own little world. And I’ve found that it’s enjoyable to share each experience with others.

Being an author may leave you with heartbreak, headaches, even agony… but there are always little things that you can look forward to when you are one. All you need do is look forward.


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